Prepare for your Dutch Exam

Do you want to make sure that they pass you Dutch language test the very first time?

Then you can trust DialoguE.

DialoguE is specialising in Dutch exam preparation.

Since the start of DialoguE 30 years ago, everyone who has prepared for a Dutch exam with us has succeeded in passing it.

The DialoguE Approach

Whatever the level of your language skills, the DialoguE Approach will help you pass your Dutch exam. That's because our programmes are tailored precisely to meeting your needs.

DialoguE preparation and revision:
(non exhaustive list)

  • State Exam NT1 (Dutch as a Second Language NT1)
  • State Exam NT2 (Dutch as a Second Language NT2)
  • CNaVT
    • Profile tourist and informal language proficiency - PTIT
    • Profile language proficiency practical professions - PTPB
    • Profile societal language proficiency - PMT
    • Profile professional language proficiency - PPT
    • Profile language proficiency higher education - PTHO
    • Profile academic language proficiency - PAT
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